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Lecture 7

Philosophy 1305F/G - Lecture 7.docx

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Philosophy 1305F/G
Michael Fox

Philo1305March 5 2012 Lecture 7 Love According to CS Lewis Continued John Paul II Love is the opposite of usingLove is a good in itselfThere is a goodness in being with that person themselfNo one desires to be used as a means to an endWe are all an end in ourselvesPleasure is a consequence of wanting to become one with one anotherWhen we seek pleasure for the sake of pleasure we are left unsatisfiedWe achieve pleasure when we find it through surprisePleasure is a paradox it comes when we least expect itAffection StorgeHas no relationship to appreciationAnyone and everyone can be an object of affectionAnybody can be familiar with anybodyFamiliarity is the reason why you have a relationship has nothing to do with qualities that you enjoy in that personThis type of love has nothing to do with love as the unification of personsThey bond solely on the basis of physical presenceFriendship
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