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Lecture 11

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Philosophy 1305F/G
Michael Fox

Philo1305March 2 2012 Lecture 11 Natural State to Civil StateThe natural state stripped of all positive law becomes the civil stateThe question must then be asked what is the ULTIMATE end of the civil stateThe state exists in order to keep in line the desires and chaos of personsWe want to escape from this chaos in order to preserve ourselvesWhy do we want human lawIs it only physicalTo maximize personal wellbeing safetysecurity and freedoms to guarantee the equality and dignity of every beingWe first must answer what is the ULTIMATE end of the human person o The state is an artifact or construct for the sake of the human person the human person is not made for the state While the state may be a necessary evil it could also be a nurturer that comes to help usSome would say that it limits our ability or potential to achieve our ultimate purpose or aimTraditionally the ultimate end has fallen into two camps 1 The Common Good SPIRITUAL GOODS do not suffer exhaustionOnes gain is never anothers loss It is a good that is not material and is eternal immutable and unchangeableWe are not merely creatures of the day but are born for immortality because we have gotten the taste of eternalTherefore we are destined to be immortalOnes gain is in fact always anothers gain The more you discover in terms of the good and beautiful is an invitation to others to participate in it as much as oneself did 2 The Private Good MATERIAL GOODS suffer exhaustionOnes gain is always anothers loss material goods
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