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Lecture 9

Philosophy 1305F/G - Lecture 9.docx

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Western University
Philosophy 1305F/G
Michael Fox

Philo1305March 19 2012 Lecture 9 What Constitutes Good vs Bad Moral Action EvilDefined Evil is the privation of the goodEvil is the absence of the goodone cannot know evil without knowing goodEvil is an accident of goodnot as in mistake thoughIt exists in a subject of something elseIt needs something to exist in in order for it to existEvil cant exist in the absence of the subject in questionEg Murder Depriving the innocent victims family of the killeds lifeMoral Evil vs Natural Evil NOT ON EXAMAn example of natural evil is cancerCancer has to be seen as evil as the thing that erodes the human body where consumption would be depriving someone of something SELFDETERMINATION free willMoral evils are functions of the human will eg rape murder etc DETERMINEDIf any component of t
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