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Lecture 8

Philosophy 1305F/G - Lecture 8.docx

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Philosophy 1305F/G
Michael Fox

Philo1305March 12 2012 Lecture 8 What Constitutes Good vs Bad Moral Action Ruminationcontemplation a calm lengthy intent consideration Like the way a cow chews cud and continues to regurgitate it and rechew it until it becomes completely digestedSimilarly we continue to digest and redigest opinions and information until we completely understand itActions are called human or moral insofar as they proceed from reasonSt Thomas Aquinas Suma Theologia I II 18 A lot of us perform actions that are not moral or immoral actions eg breathing blinking heart beating etcIn no way are they connected to deliberationTherefore they are not moral actionsWhat is proper to us as human is our rationalityThis can be translated to mean that Jack the Ripper is as moral in his actions of killing is as moral as Mother Theresas actions as it comes from hisher person and their rationalesReason is in reference to a universal standard of judgement related to the here and nowThis act is called practical reasonwe pursue the truth for the sake of actionThe question becomes is that universal standard true or falseWe are all moral The question is whether our moral actions are rooted back to a true or false universal stan
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