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Philosophy 2043F/G
Louis Charland

Philosophy 2044G Monday February 10 Announcements: Exam • You are responsible for the weekly readings (much of which come from the DSM) • The ‘Myth of Mental Illness’ – you should know the arguments from this article (what the person is arguing, how they are arguing, whether you agree or disagree and why) • DSM Glossary o There may be some short answer questions on the main things we went over in class • You aren’t responsible for the essay topic readings for this midterm o *Except for the article on ‘Benevolent Theory’ o You are however welcome to include this material in your midterm exam questions Video Clip: Depressive States I (NFB - Heinz Lehmann, M.D.) • Psychotic Depression – out of touch with reality, depression with evaluative delusions (eg. I’m worthless because I’m like the devil) • The patient is suffering from recurrent depression • The depression hasn’t occurred as a reaction to anything, it just c
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