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Western University
Philosophy 2043F/G
Louis Charland

Philosophy 2044G Monday February 24 Exam • The questions are essay-style (no multiple choice) • The length of your answers should correspond to how much it is worth (eg. two points for a two mark answer) • You can choose 3 out of 4 or 5 essay questions based on what you think you can write the most about • Each essay question is worth 10 marks (no part marks) o Your answer should be able to give someone who knows nothing about the topic a basic understanding o You should give your opinion on the topics to show that you have an enriched understanding and have thought through some of the things talked about in class (you can write in first person)  eg. if you find a certain definition in the DSM confusing, state that and explain why o Don’t undersell yourself by being general – always give examples and be confident in your opinion • Studying: o You are responsible for everything you have read and what has been discussed in class o TVO Video Clip – Allen Francis (Chair of the DSM task force) o Guardian article – Is mental illness real? o You are not responsible for the essay topic articles  Except for ‘mental psychological theories’ o When treatments are discussed, ask yourself why it is matched up with the particular condition  Why do we treat this condition this way?  Som
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