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Philosophy 2043F/G
Louis Charland

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Philosophy 2044G Monday March 3 Tests • The class average overall was low • Mental alienation = estrangement from reason o It used to be thought that the mad had completely lost their reason (either you were 100% mad or a normal human being) o This was a symbolic turning point in the history of the study of madness – if people could keep some ability to reason, there was a way to reach them (it isn’t all or nothing) • Don’t use all of your time on the short answer questions – they should be a few straight-forward lines • If you would like to see an example of an ‘excellent’ answer, you can go see a couple examples in the professor’s office • The main problem with the essay questions was that they didn’t go into enough depth (go into the detail of the material, be specific) • Delusions are not false beliefs – they are false beliefs that people hold onto despite all possible explanations to the contrary o Barrios says that delusions are empty speech acts o You also could have talked about the different types of delusions • The final exam will be exactly the same format o It will mostly be taken from this week until the end of the course Essay • The essay will be marked with the same scheme as the exam (7/10 is ‘good’) • You are reporting on the philosophical (theoretical) content of an article, and then tell what you think about it • Someone who has never read the article should be able to know what the article is about in detail • The essay should be article-focused (quote passages from them, talk about content from the article and give your opinion) o 70% summarizing, 30% of your examination an
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