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Philosophy 2073F/G
Rodney Parker

Week 3 Lucretius (Epicurean) - Soul consists of two things: anema (spread throughout the body, concentrated in your chest – this is the rational part of your body) and breaks down just like the body after death - Swerve – when atoms are falling through the void they sometimes randomly swerve and go in different directions – this demonstrates that we all have free will. Sometimes we get distracted by nature but we have a way of getting back on track so that we are not stuck in the “swerve” - Possible worlds  infinite possible worlds, everything that exsts has existed for an infinite amountof time. Because of this, all other possible combinations of atoms have actually already happened an infinite amount of times - Arguments: o The soul needs the body to survive o You can’t have an immortal soul and a mortal soul existing at the same time (two opposites can’t exist at the same time, i.e. someone can’t be inside and outside at the same time) o Argues against the idea that the soul is essentially related to the form of life o You don’t remember your past lives do even if your soul survives death it shouldn’t matter because it has already lived an infinite amount of times - The soul does not survive the death of the body - Symmetry argument  “…if in the course of time all our component atoms should be reassembled after our death and restored again to their present positions, so that the light of life was given to us a second time, even that eventuality would not affect us in the least, once there had been a break in the chain of consciousness. Similarily at the present time we are not affected at all by any earlier existence
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