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Western University
Philosophy 2073F/G
Rodney Parker

Iamblichus - Neo-platonist  agrees with most things said by Plato but there are some things he’d slightly like to change about his doctrine - Emanations our souls are sparks that fly off of a bigger fire (the divine spirit) - Notion of the ineffable  Something that can’t be put into words o There are some things that we know that don’t get revealed through rational argumentation – language is taught and has a counter-effect where it can transform the way in which you conceptualize the world (how you divide it up, understand it) o There will be some truths/facts about the world where coming up with rational explanations won’t be good enough (i.e. origin of the world) o Death is a phenomena that we really can’t put into words, use the analogy of fire and sparks - Theurgy  there are different states where you are open to receive knowledge from the divine Nagel and Silverstein (responses to Epicurus) - Responding to epicurean view that death is nothing to and has no effect on the person that has died - Nagel (Death) o Explores idea that death is in itself something that is bad/evil o Looks at how bad it really is and what kind of an evil thing it is o Defines death as “permanent death” – permanent end to one’s existence not supplemented by any form of life o Death is evil because it is a privation of life – it brings an end to all the goods that life contains o The positive weight of experience  the mere capacity for having experience at all (whether pleasurable or painful) is something that is good to have, it is not just a neutral thing o Therefore, life is worth living even when the bad elements of experience are plentiful o Doesn’t think that the sum of all our experiences is necessarily good, just that it’s good that we can have them in general and has some positive weight o The mere survival of the body is not necessarily good (i.e. a coma) – for most people it wouldn’t matter if they died immediately or went into a coma for years before they died o Most good things in life, the more of them you have the better – more life is better o The state of being dead isn’t the thing that is evil, it is the corresponding loss of life that is, the loss of capacity for experience o Dying is also a bad thing because it could be painful and leads to death o Difference between being dead and being unconscious  Death is a scary thing to think about because it is literally impossible to imagine  we aren’t afraid to go to sleep or experience unconscious state and we can’t imagine this either o it’s not being unconscious that is the bad thing, it’s not waking up/what will happen to your body during that time o Problem with the idea of death as a loss/privation  What you don’t know can’t hurt you o The non-existence to one’s birth is not symmetrical to the non-existence after one’s death – death deprives one of existence, birth does not – you could not be born earlier or you wouldn’t be the person that you are Nietzsche on the Eternal Recurrence (19 century) - Existentialism o reject ability of natural science to answer philosophical problems of human existence o didn’t like path that western philosophy had taken – thought it was superficial and abstract, detached from human problems and human life o didn’t deny validity of natural sciences but thought they lacked capacity for human problem solving o focuses on human subject and concrete human experiences rather than philosophical system o saw little use in the free will vs determinism debate – if determinism is true does it mean that we no longer have to make choices in our lives? Why do we care which is true? Either way it doesn’t matter - The parable of the madman o The Madman (The Gay
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