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Philosophy 2074F/G

Sweatshops- Maitland Accusation: co. chase cheap labour around the globe- pay substantially lower wages/benefits in other countries -failing to pay living wages, using child labour, turning blind eye towards rights violations -Recall: Milton Friedman's model- easy to set aside moral concerns, b/c perfectly legal in other countries Ian Maitland -says no real debate going on- neither side has engaged the central issue -wants to change the contours of debate -co. concerned about public image -public relations prob- image harmed -critics oversimplify issue -keep public concerned- setting up "heartless biz vs victimized 3rd world workers (ie standards diff through countries, concern of MNC?) -CENTRAL QUESTION What are the appropriate wages and labour standards in international sweatshops? -But first Is there an argument that sweatshops are good under their present conditions and pay? You need to ask: what would things be like if there weren't sweatshops? (ie range of alternatives) Maybe in many cases, people are worse off -What is harm? *traditional model harm=worse off (overall lower well-being) -obj: P1: you can't harm someone unless you make them worse than they otherwise would have been P2: sweatshops, in most cases, don't make people worse than they otherwise would have been C: Thus sweathsops don't harm people -eating animals the nice way argument (jeff mcmain) -many ppl are opposed to factory farming b/c of the terrible it inflicts on animals -yet see no obj to eating animals that are killed painlessly after having been reared in decent conditions -benevolent carnivorism? (ironic) -ask: would this work w/ us? -cattles lives slightly better- protected, fed, no diseases- everybody benefits (same argument as sweatshops) - if didn't eat, cows/pigs wouldn't exist to have minimally better life anyways- normally called exploitation, but if not exist at all, is that a worse outcome? -complication ie aliens cultivating us and eating us- obligations towards being once comes into existence (we have interests for future, so diff though) -but in the animal case, isn't our pleasure from eating meat worth it? - 15 people eat 1 animal -true, workers already exist (and so already experience ha
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