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Philosophy 2074F/G
Dean Proessel

Why is a firm a public good? "Even in the production of private commodities, there can be an important public good aspect in the production process itself." -all benefits, all contributes -you contribue to the wellbeing of the community, which effects everyone Production: joint activity -motivates by self-interest, but the success of the production is shared by the organization, the community -there are many many stakeholders involved, acting responsiblely Tragedy of the commons: the rational and independent act of individual interest, benfits, contrary to the group's long term best interest. -ex: fish man: fish more than they wanted to, than the quota let them to. Over fishing benifits the fish man according to their self-interest, but if everyone acts on this kind of self-interest, eventually it harms the group, the environment's long term best interest. "how the cake is divided influences the size of the cake itself" -the size of the cake depends on how people want to benifits on it -one simple production act can influence on social wellbeing and so on, that can not be its initial intention -ex: Walmart: it effects how they work Eco
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