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Aristotle Virtueethics It is okay to dosomething for in thebusinessworld that you would not doin your oridinary life. Machan: advertising doesnot havetheobligation to tell all. How muchinformation is necessary for asalespersonto discloseto customerswhenmarketing a newproduct? In fact, businessesareobligatedto tell all, if not, it is unmorally deceving thecustomer.which ther eforeis problematic. Thekey question: Do advertisement violating our autonomy? VirtueEthics: Aristotle: oneof themost famousphilosophist. For consequantialism: haveI maxmize, Diongtaligy: how i universal my action? Do we treat peopleasmeansor ends? Therightnessof actions Page587 Character: for Kant, thereis areasonto moveyou. If you want to beunmoral, thereis alsoareaso n. So,for Kant, we all haveareasonto beunmoral. For both theories: it could bedifficult for usto think of theaction is right or wrong. But forAristo tle, thequestion is : 1what is agoodperson 2What is thebest to live? Thedefinition of virtue:Aristotle definesvirtueasamean. Vices Virtue Vices ForAristotle, for any viceswe choseit is all relatedto virtue. So,we cantalk about efficiency from both sides. For example,Aristotle consider courageasvirtue.A vicecould becoward or cowardise, who doe snot really get it right with courage.Sothedefficiency of courage,is someonewho doesnot get i t right. Ontheother side, thevicecanberashness,that is someonewho showstoo muchcourage. It is alsodefficiency, that rashnesspeopleusually taketoo muchrisk, thereforeagainst this key po int of living agoodlife. So,it is alsodefficiency. So,virtueis alwaysdefinedasameanin betweento vices. Whenwe talking about virtue, we alwaysthink about goodcharacter, which makesyou living ag oodlife. ForAristotle, agoodlife=avirtuelife=excellent life. However, virtueis not born with.A ristotlespent timetalking about theimportanceof poem, about if you areborn from theright bac kgroud, that thereforegrowsagoodhabit in you, which is thereforevirtue. Not muchto know wh atvirtueis, but is to dowhat agoodpersondoes.Whenyou arearoundagoodperson, you taketh eir valuesof good, andthereforegrowsin agoodperson.That is whyAristotle talksabout child s omuch. Hesuggeststhat we needto practicevirtuefrequently, to makeit asecondnatureof you. For now, peopleespecialy child, hasgreat accessesto information but beenrewiredthat they cann ot think deepin things, cannot understandtheinformation. Aristotle takl alot about onpage587. udolirism, thehappynism. How dopeopleget happiness?Practicevirtue. Happinessfor Aristotleis afeeling or amood, astateof being in theworld. It is not atemporary t hing.You ca
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