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Dean Proessel

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Machan'spaper Onpage586and587 Altruism: won't work/agreewith themarketing theoriesMachantalksabout, becauseall altruistic peoplecaresabout is theothers. Intritionism Kant: what Machanwould think wrong. First point: Kant would agreewith Machandespitewith egoism. If I astheseller, will obligations to domore, anddisclosing more, I'll soto speaktaking over your responsibility. Kant suggeststhat thereis aissueof autonomy involved. Kant would askyou to treat with aperso nasameaning not anend, andtheideaof universalization. Therefore, Machanis suggesting that theseller is robbing theautonomy of customers.Rather thanall that happening, theabsenseof the information is actually robbing theautonomy of thecustomers.Whenyou know to makeacusto mer making apurchase,you haveto providesuchinformation, but actually wasnot providing the information. Would thecustomer making abetter choicewithout that information?If not, you are actually robbing theautonomy of thecustomer. Hegoesonhereto suggestsits either for you to havemarket successor market failure. If you disc losemore, you'll havecommercial failure. For me, it doesnot necessary for you to achieveacom mercial failureby disclosing more. If your commercial successwasachievedthroughrobbing/dec eving customer, thenyou arenot successedwith anything. Machanthink we should not deceive, but not telling all is not deceiving. Leiser think not telling al l is deceiving. onpage588 Thereality of caveat emptor Page590 Product liability:somecaution In this case,you disclosewhether thecustomer askor not. Machansuggeststhat you haveto disclosethedefect of theproduct which aretheessential to the customer, if not, you aredeceiving your customers.(Machanevensuggestsit is evenafraud) Taketheexampleof selling aroof to anold lady again.Arn't you actually selling her andefecting roof?Becauseyou clearly know that 1) shecannot aford theroof 2) shedoesnot havethat roof n ot 3) Shedoesnot needsuchroof Are theseconditionsyou usedto makeasell?Is thereanyoneelseinvolved? JohnWalde TheMaking of Self andWorld inAdvertising Associativeadvertising 1) advertisersbecomedesensitizedto thevirtues -morehasto dowith advertisers 2) influencesits audienceto noglect thenon-market caltivation o
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