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Dean Proessel

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Onpage594 Deweys"thething actually atstakein any seriousdeliberation is not differenceof quantity, but w hat kind of persononeis to become, what sort of self is in themaking, what kind of world is in th emaking" -arewhat Dewey thinksareimportant moral deliberations. Going back toWaide'smain critcism: Thereis this ideathat theadvertiserswho drawsthenon-market goodsout anddesignadvertisem ent campaign out, simply desensitisedto careabout other people. With respect of consumer who livesin theconsuming world, they aretakein theideathat buying product areconduciveto beahappy person. Waidewantsto talk about marketersaredesensitised, andhow our consumersarenot actually goi ngto behappy. 6steps: showsthetechniquesof associativeadvertising onpage593 Key points: 1markterswantsyou to buy things, nomatter if you arerich or not. It is somehow true, recent advertising arehighly rendering of thefood or drinks, which maynot n ecessarily makesyou happy, but creatsawantsor needsfor thecustomers, andencouragesthemt obuy. Other examplescanbehigh fashion brandssuchasChannel, which theadvertisementstry to con vinceyou by wearing their clothse.However, wearing theseclothse,purchasing their product, doe snot necessarly makesyou avirtueperson, doesnot help you to movetowardsaexcellencelife. They don't evenneedto design theadvertising campaign, peoplewho perceivesthat wearing ashi rt with abig logo aretheir advertising campaign. Why?Becausepeopleperceivethis asastatuss ymbol, asenseof accomplishment. ForAristotel, accomplishment requireshardwork, which meansexcellencelife. Wearing abig lo goshirt for Aristotel, it is not anaccomplishment, sincepurchasing it doesnot accomplishanyhu mangood. However, becausethewholesociety is sotakenin theideaof consuming. It is evenhard for peopl eto escapefrom it, which areexactly what advertiserswants, which areexactly what advertisers wantsto plant into people' mind.Dueto thereason, that enhancetheideaof acceptance,theideao f fitting in to potential
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