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Philosophy 2074F/G
Dean Proessel

Rawls paper cont'd Differenceprinciple: Social andeconomic inequalitiesareto bearrangedsothat they arereasona bly expectedto beeveryone'sadvantage. two important principles: liberty principle,differenceprinciple Original agreement: what we needis aoriginal agreement that we areall equal Theoriginal agreement is all about equality. So,how dowe achieveequality, sincei we areall different? Veil of iqnorance: Why arewe unequal whenweareunveiled? Weareall self-interest, we haveall different social economic status,gender, age,religion, ethnicit y. With respect of theideaof inequality:that therearethingsthat arenatural andalsosocial, which makeusunequal. Natural factors: IQ, intelligence, -you areonly born with suchcapacity while theother hashigher IQ. Height -taller, morechanceto beanathlete, shorter, may not be Thenatural constituteof you makesdifferent (positive& negative::that mayor maynot beenrec oginizedby you. Thenatural abilitiesyou havefurther influenceyour life, which you cannot control by yourself. Letsseeif you areblessed,born with suchgift, doyou deservethat? If you arenot, andborn with study disability, doyou deservethat? Theanswer is just you cannot doanything about thenatural abilities, thenatural constituteof you, which leadsto natural inequality that arenot under our control. Social Economic facts: Do you deserveyour wealth?Thepeoplewho comesfrom afamily of ameans,dothey andtheir familiesdeservethat wealth? Thefact is, thesocial economic factsonsomedegreesarealsoout of your control just asthenatu ral constituteof yours. Onepersoncannever choosewhich family to born in. Do you think you deserveto bein this institution(theuniversity) right now? Peoplewho hasthesamegradeswith you, may not get in this institution for reasonssuchasecon omic facts,who lacksof intelligencecapacity that cannot learn like you...You areway aheadof th esepeoplein making your futureabetter result. You succseedbecauseof your work ethic.So, you dodeserveto behere?But doyou entirely? Rawls think that thenatural andsocial inequalitiesarearbitrary form amoral point of view. (page 500) Everyoneis going to put themselvesin apossition of equality, andspeaksof veil of iqnorance,sin cewe areunder veil, we areall equail, andnatural andsocial iequalitiesarefactoredout. Rawl w ant usto comefrom equality to rational. Rawls saysin page498. So,under reveil you don't know who areyour parents, how machIQ you have.That thenatural andsocial factorsarearbitrary, its incedental. Psychological perpensity (page498) Theideaof contractarlonism: imagewearethegrouphere, want to comeupwith principle of just icehere,which oncechosen, will govern what we gonnado.Theprinciple wecameupareall bas edonour will. Why would Rawls doesnot want usto choosethepr
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