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Dirty Hands

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Philosophy 2083F/G
Frank Cameron

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DIRTY HANDS IN TERRORISM MORAL DILEMMA • where circumstances are such that all possible actions are equally wrong • Kantians think these are impossible, consequentialists • and virtue theorists generally think they are possible • deontologists think that sometimes things may look at moral dilemmas but they aren't actually - because all moral duties flow from moral reason • if you reason well enough, you will realize that your moral dilemma has a duty that is implied and there will be something that guides you to one option over another MORAL CONFLICT • where circumstances cause two significant duties or values to collide but no dilemma is present • utilitarians generally think these are impossible • virtue theorists think they are possible, deontology varies • utilitarians think that the ultimate good so there aren't any conflict because there aren't two duties that could collide because you should obviously choose that which causes less pain and most pleasure DIRTY HANDS • walzers characterization: efforts to refuse absolutism without denying the reality of the moral dilemma • de wijze suggests that
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