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Philosophy 2200F/G
Devin Henry

Plato’s Apology 9/17/2013 7:23:00 AM -Gives the essence of the Socratic method. -Meletus brings a charge against Socrates. Meletus goes to court and proves his case to the jury. -Plato defending Socrates, filling in arguments. Two Charges:  Unofficial Charges: Earlier accusers(lines: 18bc, 19c-e) – people who were slandering him for a long time. o Atheism based on naturalism (“studying things in the sky and below the earth”). Studying the world through natural science, looking at the world itself. o Sophistry: makes the worse argument the stronger and teaches these same things to others. o Response 1: Disavows knowledge (21-23)  Sophists “know” things, Socrates claims he does not really know anything. o Delphic Riddle:  No one is wiser than Socrates.  Meaning of the Riddle: “I am wiser than this man;… that I do not think I know what I do not know.” (21d2- 5) o Response 2: Denies teaching (23c-e)  Young people follow him around of their own free will, then imitate him  Challenges the traditional political establishment.  Is he teaching them to challenge authority? That’s what some people think.  Teaching people intellectual self defense.  Official Charges: Later accusers – Meletus and people who brought him to court. o Corrupting the youth.  Inductive argument (24c9-2
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