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Western University
Philosophy 2200F/G
Charles Middleton

WEEK 4 LECT 3 HOBBES – LAWS O NATURE  Civil society – state which realizes moral god reasoned by individuals within that community 1. Where there is a possibility of peace we should aim for it, peace is more desirable than the SOW 2. Demands that we be open to the beneficial advantage that comes with laying down our rights in the SON when its beneficial and others will cooperate to do the same 3. Be just, defined justice as if you make a contract with someone you need to follow through  Natural inclination to submit to a state authority, must be a coercive power in order for this to happen – justice depends on coercion , violence in the way we understand our moral nature  Just entails that someone be treated equally and not arbitrarily  Idea that justice depends on coercive power drives political theory forward, need coercive element to protect contracts and enforce the terms  Leviathan carrying a crosier which is a symbol of religious power – Leviathan needed to be only him that he unifies the secular and sacred  Thought experiment that individuals banding together against each other, no contracts that are void except for the ones that happen when the contract has been fulfilled (covenance of mutual trust)  Someone who doesn’t want to be just in civil society, the authority needs to find a way why they’re
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