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Philosophy 2200F/G
Charles Middleton

Week 1 Lecture 4 - Meditations 6 IMAGINATION VS INTELLECTION ARGUMENT AGAINST IDEALISM IN FAVOR OF DUALISM DECEPTIONS EXPLAINED IMAGINATION VS INTELLECTION • imagination our capacity to form images, as opposed to modern imagination which is our idea to create things that aren't real • perception of things that we have when we're not trying to produce images • pure intellection allows us to conceive of a triangle in terms of imagination we can just picture in our mind a triangle, or you might think triangle as a three sided closed figure without actually seeing the picture - these are your two options the image you produce when you use your imagination is distorted and not distinct • • the point is that the effort that is required for imagination says that it is not essential to the mind, its not part of what it is to have a mind. you can have a mind without the ability to imagine or visualize • imagination turns outwards, when we try to imagine something or what it would look or sound like if our senses were perceiving it it is as if our mind is turning outward to per- ceive it • for intellection your mind turns inward because you turn to knowledge of geometry or artithmacy to solve the problem • on top of this, imagination seems to work best when you have something in front of you to sense it, vividness that external objects have on our imagination is a reason why people think that imagination is accessing something outside the mind in order to create it- seems also to have a different purpose. the purpose of sensations is attached to something external, it exists plausibly outside of the mind. sensations are involuntary, thirst or pain comes regardless of our consent when we feel it. you cant manipulate what you're experiencing very easily. its not really coming from within, its coming from external things, which makes it not ours • nature requires something external to the mind which is not intrinsic to the mind itself. the idea of nature and the outside world is not intrinsic to the mind, idealism is the idea that all there is is mind. to suggest that there is something else creating sensations • the only thing he cant doubt is that he is a mind. the body that is connected to the mind is substantially different sort of thing. his mind is a sailor on a ship that is the body that is connected. the crew is not something that is distinct THINGS • sensibles - objects of sensation that are external, and they are not made by me be- cause you are not aware that you are making them • they are involuntary and unessential to ones intellection, not a part of what it means to be a mind • there is a chance that they are made by god because he is something that is external to me and to my mind, if they are made by god they are not necessarily material they can be planted in your head • reason why we should think that they are made by bodies, the sensibles, are the rep- resentation of bodies rather than the objects themselves • what is active in the process of perception is that it is some kind of material that you are in interaction with • God is not doing these things because god is not a deceiver, a limitation on the objec- tive reality of something is a lesser objective reality. to want to deceive is a limitation on gods goodness • god is responsible for my ability to judge, he is responsible for providing me with the capacity to judge with my reason - it is impossible for there to be something for which i do not have the faculties to judge accurately, there is nothing that i am capable of under- standing that the modes of my thought will judge falsely because god is responsible for me being able to reason • the other option is that they are made by bodies, there is a material body as opposed to mind as the divisible thing that is the stuff of nature. the objects of my sensations are caused by material or matter and they must correspond your ability to judge. your per- ception of a chair corresponds to what the chair actually is and you can rely on this to be true because there is not other way to judge this because god has provided you with the rational ability to judge therefore it must correspond to what your perception is • your perception of the material world must correspond to your perception of the world because god has provided you with rational judgement and god is no deceiver DECEPTION • an example is when the sun looks smaller to you than the full moon, you can use your intellection to reason that you know for a fact that the sun is much big
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