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Philosophy 2200F/G
Charles Middleton

WEEK 4 LECT 2 HOBBES SOW  Everyone has the right to everything in the state of nature  Limitations come in the limited form of the State of nature EQUALITY IN WAR  Need state power because we benefit from it  We’re not so unequal that when you’re sleeping someone couldn’t come and kill you  No one so weak that they can’t threaten another – a general bodily equality and mental equality as well – no one so smart that they can afford to not be friendly  If you are honest with yourself then you will know that we are all equal. Given that our lives are understood as individuals – we are weak in relation to one another because of our weakness  In a SON we are all vulnerable to an attack, basic equality leads to diffidence (distrust of others) the fact of equality leads to the fact that without any state power, we have to live in a situation where we distrust others  Distrust becomes something that leads to a situation that could be described as war of every many against every man (total war). Form alliances to accomplish a certain goal without this it leads to total fear  Even in where state power isn’t total there are pockets of places where you feel unsafe  In the state of nature the fact of equality leads to a situation that is undesirable for everyone, leads to a state of total war, life is nasty brutish and short  Commonly thought that there were noble savage that lived in peace in the SON, Hobbes doesn’t accept this theorem  In places where government lacks is where a true state of nature lived  No one wants to live in a place when that place is at war – there are no riches to be made here  The fact that nothing is happening doesn’t mean that they are not in a state of war – no such thing as injustice  Social contract theory to be doing things between the state and the individual and to establish morality on the basis of a social contract, there is no such thing as justice in the SOW it is only possible when yuo have a state to enforce duties  Always an inclination toward peace even in a time of total war  Defines liberty as impediments to somethi
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