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Philosophy 2730F/G
Ryan Robb

Philosophy: Media Ethics Lecture 5 Review: - media reveals characteristics of our nature as humans - one way in which mass media has change human nature has been to provide the possibility of gov’t that is determined by the consent of the governed - Chomsky has a different view of mass media: by allowing for a new form of control - It represents the interest of the elite the powerful, corporate of government elite - People in the position of power want to secure there status so they have a system set up for them to thrive - 30min of the movie, he showed us a comparison between Cambodia(official entities fo the state) and east teamore (official friends of the state, Indonesian government, by buying there weapons) - the result was that no one new anything about the problems, so it shows that the media is a propaganda model, over obensnce about the problems in Cambodian, but not in Teamore - article we looks at last week was a criticism of Chomsky - essentially the brief summary of Mayers criticism, is that the media speaks favorable about government and corporate elites, so we should be able to report incidents favorably. If anything the book of evidence supports the ‘left’ - good propaganda machine doesn’t look like a propaganda machine: its not good if you theory has an answer to everything, there are no conditions where he can be wrong - a good theory is one that you can specify - Mayer criticized Herbert Grant and others Richard Anderson- Media in a Democracy The point: - Democracy ought to be understood as populist or inclusive. When understood in this way media does not undermine democracy, but perpetuates and promotes it o The media makes people dumber, it takes away from them properly thinking about the political circumstances o Distracts you from other problems o Because the media makes us dumber we need to understand democracy o His view is attempt to be a realist about theses sorts of things o If our ideals aren’t ideals that we can achieve maybe we should lower them o We expect too much of citizens, theres an undercurrent of elitism, it could make it implausible( not necessarily though) o No one has the time to be a political junky - Its not on day to day representations, its how leaders play in the party to pick the government officials - Page 482- 490: media effects on the citizen (summary of the social science literature) you can not comment on these 8 pages for your essay - 1: Media hurts democracy because: o democracy requires deliberation o deliberation requires information o information provided by the mass media is irrelevant inasmuch as it focuses on the horse race and personal characteristics  so deliberation fails because of the media, in which in turn (threatens to) leads to a failure of democracy o horse race: polling data instead of policies o how far ahead are the certain leaders, not what are they going to do when they get into office o because of focusing on polling and personal characteristics, the media fails democracy, because it doesn’t give us the right information to make the right decision in our vote o he is going to challenge the argument by the first point, democracy is a participatory system o maybe people vote less because they feel the expectations are too great, if you are going to vote you really should be informed o he says we have a better democracy when people don’t know as much and vote - II: citizens are influenced by the rise of editorial content (rise in opinons) o More opinions in our news, its hard to identify whats fact from opinion ex. Brit Hume on fox news, anchor man and a conservative pundent o Its being casted as a fact, the blurring lines of simply reporting and an argument, has lead to more individuals to amplify there views o If you are right(conservative) left(liberal)
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