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Western University
Philosophy 2801F/G

July 19th Week 2 Lect 2 MARXISM READINGS - 166-168, 199-201 COMMUNITARIANISM - 208 - 244, 261-273 MULTICULTURALISM - 327 - 346, 365 - 370 LIBERAL EGALITARIANISM • Liberty Principle and Justice principle - difference principle you can only have more than someone else if it benefit everyone else • we shouldn't just try and eliminate social disparities, you can accept egalitarianism but think the difference principle is what gets you there • we should be able to get unequal amounts of wealth by working hard and making good choices but not by being endowed by it, eg. inheritance TWO CRITICISMS OF RAWLS DIFFERENCE PRINCIPLE • 1. to be consistent, people ought to be compensated for their inequalities in natural as well as their social goods • - difference principle says you identify people in terms of their social status and social goods and compensate people for that, Rawls doesn't take into account natural inequali- ties like handicaps • - you can never equalize someone through education or social goods to someone whose born with natural inequalities because they cannot experience the same things whereas if you're poor we can just compensate you with money and other goods • 2. the gardener vs. the tennis player. Difference principle as creating rather than re- moving unfairness • - the difference principle also does not account for laziness, it doesn't make any ac- count for unluckiness vs people who made bad choice and are earning being disadvan- taged - also known as the free loader problem • - didn't put any notion of deserving in his ideas • veil of ignorance, don't know what deserving is, you don't
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