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WEEK 4 LECTURE 2 FEMINISM Citizenship readings - pg 284 - 312 Exam Monday Aug 20 @ 9a - 12 SSC 3010 although of feminists don't actually belong to popular groups GLOBAL OPPRESSION • F work - feminism • A commitment to eliminating the subordination of women • a movement to end sexism sexist exploitation and oppression • has one obvious simply and overarching goal - to end men's systematic domination of women. Feminist theory also has one overarching goal - to understand explain and chal- lenge that domination little affect on actually improving the life of women • • the difference approach - sexual discrimination: arbitrary or irrational use of gender in the awarding of benefits or positions. This has come to be known as the difference ap- proach to sex discrimination • pregnant women get certain benefits men don't because men cant get pregnant. it is morally arbitrary to try and make this equal • the idea behind the difference approach is to give women access to what men have access to and it has had some success in getting some women more educational and professional opportunities • problem with the difference approach is that it sees sex equality in terms of the oppor- tunity for women to squeeze themselves into institutions and roles that men have de- fined according to their own standard interests • may jobs are not available to people with children or care-taking responsibilities DOMINANCE APPROACH • the dominance approach aims to ensure that gender differences are not a source of disadvantage - women are represented in the design of social roles, rather than forced to try to fit into male defined roles and institutions • since the problem is domination, the solution is not only the absence of discrimination, but the presence of power • veil of ignorance, most liberal egalitarians would be okay with this because behind the veil of ignorance if you were worthy of a position, characteristics like gender race or reli- gious would be arbitrary PUBLIC AND PRIVATE DISTINCTION • even if we guaranteed everyone an annual income, there is still an injustice because women are presented with a choice between family and career that men do not face • any theory of justice that fails to address the family is inadequate • some argue that liberals must give up either their commitment to sexual equality or their commitment to the public private distinction • two reasons why liberals have't traditionally questioned the ascriptive hierarchy in the family • 1. it is favored their continued privilege • 2. saw gendered division of labour as biologically fixed • where some feminists and liberals may differ • some feminists do not share typical liberal
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