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Philosophy 2801F/G

COLONIALISM WEEK 3 LECT 2 • a practice of domination which involves the subjugation of one people to another • political, economic control over a territory • via permanent settlers loyal to the controlling power for its benefit • operating via multiple strategies: military conquest, treaty; discursive justification; genocide; assimilation; divide and conquer with power groups, conflict creation and dis- cursive identity and manipulation ORIENTALISM • identifies it as a practice that helps define Europe by creating a stable depiction of its other, its constitutive outside. Orientalism is a way of characterizing EUrope by drawing a contrasting image or idea, based on a series of binary oppositions (rational/irrational, mind/body, order/chaos) that manage and displace European anxieties , it is also a mode of exercising authority by organizing and classifying knowledge about the Orient. JUSTIFYING COLONIALISM • civilizing missions - religious discourse about salvation natural law - discourse stating that humans, as rational, have a natural right to self • govern according to principles that every reasonable person would accept • combined with claims about the incapacity to self govern in relation to unnatural con- duct - adultery, laziness, nakedness • laws of nations: discourse identifying a law supposedly derived from reason and there- fore universally binding, requiring that a people allow peaceful travel and trade (mission- ary work, exploration, commerce) • white mans burden: discourse identifying colonization as necessary benevolent pater- nalism and tutelage in relati
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