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Western University
Philosophy 2801F/G

July 9th/W1L1 The Course: • distinguishing the difference between human rights and individual rights. Affected by how people in other nations view and affect us • outline of paper - thesis, arguments, opposition to arguments • final paper then a final exam RELATIONS international actors: NGOS, IGOS they're not states but they are international actors, • we must think about these relations between each other and also with individuals • the right to sovereignty is international recognized, what is just cause and how does it affect these power relations • colonialism affects relationships between nations and individuals, raise questions about whether it should involve international actors - responses to interconnection be- tween states and states and communities between each other RIGHTS • rights have holders or entities that hold them, possessors and holders • rights create duties for someone else, and the people these are directed to are called holders • to make sure, is to provide • imply duties can be moral and can be political • negative rights - require addressees to refrain from interfering with a holders enjoy- ment of that to which they have a right positive rights - require addressees to provide holders with that to which they have a • right • a moral right - is a claim on something provided or not interfered with that are based on moral or ethical claims - morally right or wrong things • political right - a right that is enshrined in our constitution because it has been enacted politically • should claims are moral evaluations, what we should do and what we shouldn't do WENAR - THE NATURE OF RIGHTS what are rights? - Hofeldian incidents (or combinations thereof). Hofeldian incidents • are claims or powers or privileges or immunities in each of these cases the individual has a right to or to refrain from doing something • PRIVILEGES - single: rights of exemption (holders have a right to act in a way that is usually forbidden, holders do not have a duty to refrain from some particular action x) • paired: rights of exemption or discretion - holders have a right to do x and a right not to do x. i.e a right to choose whether or not to do x - holders have no duty to do x and no duty not to do x - we want to make sure that sometime there isn't discretion attached to something, that they are obliged to do something CLAIMS • rights of: Protection, Provision or Performance • holders have a right that addressees perform some action x • addressees have a duty to perform some action x toward holders • how do addressee duties differ from privileges and claims - protection and provision are linked in some but not all cases, might have a claim that i protect or provide some- thing to you i might have promised to do something i the addressee has a duty to the holder that i • fulfill or perform my promise POWER - SECOND ORDER R
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