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Western University
Philosophy 2810F/G
David Hoogenboom

1 Transtional Justice and PostConflict Studies Week 1September 18 2012 Conflict the pursuit of incompatible goals by different groupsArmed conflict a contested incompatibility which concerns government andor territory where the use of armed force between two parties of which at least one is the government of a state results in at least 25 battle related deathsViolent conflict or deadly conflictSimilar to armed conflict but also includes onesided violence as such genocides against unarmed civilians This definition refers to direct physical violence leaving out broader concepts of violence which include exploitative social relations that cause unnecessary sufferingToo broad violenceconflict is not clear cutReality is never simplifiedGaltungs Model of ConflictContradiction Attitude Behaviour Specific ways to understand conflictGaltung agued three components must be present for conflict to existContradiction refers to parties their interests and the clash of interest between them any conflict must have a contradictionTwo types of contradictionSymmetrical conflictcontradiction between those with equal power top dog v top dogAsymmetrical conflictcontradictions between those with unequal power underdog v top dogstructural power have more resources more wealth etc Attitudemisperceptions that are in conflict ie Rwanda tootsies were blamed for economic failuresBehaviourovert actions on behalf of each party Competing groups antagonistic behaviour and bad attitudesArgued that a full blown conflict must include all of these components Ie if conflictual attitudes is missing it is not considered full blown conflict but rather a latent conflict meaning present but not apparent below the surface dormant etc Galtungs Model of Violence Structural Violence
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