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Popular religion in Medieval World.odt

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Western University
Philosophy 3020F/G
Jeffrey Temple

thTemple October 5 Popular religion in the late medieval world Download drop box What is popular beliefWho are we talking about How do you figure out what people believed It is in reference in the broad sense the lay people not clerics How they expressed their faith in a day to day basis How they lived out their faith Reasons for so many people interested in pop religion in medieval Annales school interest in the late medieval religion Tracking historical change over long periods of time History that wasnt traditionalthey wanted womens history poor history etc They tracked changes in medieval religion Reformation research origins of religious reform Anthropology rituals and festivals how do outward festivals present themselves as reflections of interior belief Interest in daily life and material culture in historical study in the last 40 years After 1450 better records to find answers to some of these questions Popular beliefs and practices of the time were shaped and influenced by interaction with theSupernatural worldnatural worldsocial worldnotions of genderththFocus on the late 14 and 15 century 1350onwards Popular belief and the supernaturalContextwe need to understand that basic struggles influence popular belief Surviving day to day life was the most important thing to these lay people Conditions of life were really bad These are people who get up every day and try not to die No medical care no medicine no welfare You are always one bad crop away from starvation and deathThe supernatural world is the more real world then the one they lived in They believe that the supernatural world is more substantial Their physical bodies can decay but their souls cannot Their souls are everlasting This gives them hope of something better beyond the struggles of their material lives They look forward to the supernatural They dwell upon it They see themselves physically as a fusion of these worlds Body soul and spirit They see three
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