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Western University
Philosophy 3020F/G
Jeffrey Temple

October 12 TempleHumanismWhat is it In its broadest senseprinciple intellectual movement of the european renaissance ththRenaissance 14 cent end of 15 13001500 Rebirth art renewal revival What was it a recovery of The writing and literature of the classical world There is also an archeological component They look at material culture of the romans etc What was the result of this recovery The rebirth of european thcivilization New age of learning andcivility 19 century idea of recovery Jacob Burckhardt Historian He wrote in 1860 Civilization of Italy in the renaissance He argued that the renaissance was vastly different from the medieval world The chief sentiment was this emerging sense of individuality The new thing for the renaissance was that people saw themselves as separate They saw themselves as different from everyone else He argues that in the medieval world people saw themselves as members of groups Member of family village catholic church etc He says people took off the veil of faith The church kept people chained to corporate identity Medieval historians disagreed with this argument There was a big backlash from these historians Example Johann Huizinga he argued there was a gradual decay of the medieval world He argues there was not a clear break between these two eras He talks about chivalry Knights were individual in thinking These knights thought of themselves in individual terms He challenges burkhardts theory Historians argued that there had been smaller renaissances in earlier times If the renaissance is so hard to define how do we define humanism Humanism inspires notions of potenti
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