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Philosophy 3020F/G
Jeffrey Temple

thTemple October 19 Printing and ErasmusWhat came before printingManuscripts ManusHand Hand written This is the way in which information was preserved and handed down in medieval era It was written on thpapyrus Late 6 century this changed This is because Islam emerges and the western world is cut off the papyrus which comes from egypt Benedictine manual labour everyday for monks One way was copying out manuscripts These months are engaging in preserving and copying manuscripts Books are rare and valuable The work in scriptorium Books in monastery would be on a chain because they were so valuableThere is a kind of mass production in there monasteries A given monk may be given a page or two to copy over and over again The literacy of these clerics are not always certain The monks may not be able to read but are able to write More like art than literacy Books were produced on parchmentsheep skin and vellum cows Lightly line these pagesgrid pattern and then they would copy the print along these lines If one text you didnt need you would scrape them clean and reuse it So sometimes there can be layers of writing Illuminated manuscripts illuminated with gold and silver However in a broad way it refers to painted manuscripts Colours come from semiprecious stones and dye mixed with ink Nobles would sometimes commission these texts Consequences of manuscriptsExpensive Take teams of people over a long period of time Errors would occurWhen you produce books this way errors happen so some copies of a book may be different this is what the humanists do they take the books and compare them and consolidate Knowledge would be localized because one area may have the only copy of a book Johann GutenbergInvents the printing press in 1450 He take several existing strands of tech and fuses them togetherhe was a gold smithScrew press used to press wine or olive oilHe used the screw press with a flat plate and movable type Developed iron alloy and he carves out individual lettersYou build the page take individual letters and place them in the order you want on your tray You roll ink over the type and lay paper over the top and you press the plate onto the page You can print the same paper over and over again There is a simultaneous development in paper production Somewhere between 13901490 paper mills appear Pulp you smash down and dry it out they were using cloth pulp Process is mechanized to make it faster and easier
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