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Philosophy 3020F/G
Jeffrey Temple

stTemple Feb 1 CalvinCommunicates with kings and queens because he is born to nobility Deeply paradoxical Powerful mind weak mind Didnt want power but he weld it powerfully Geneva will become a model for other protestant cities He has a sense of calling by god and a deep worry of failure He feels that there are souls at stake Today what did he teach What is is significance Timing of Calvins entrance to the reformation 1536 thrown outcomes back 1541 Dies in 1564 important date remember it This overlaps with Luthers death 1546 Luther dies bitter and grumpy that the gospel did not just sweep over the masses He had hoped they would change with his message Feels like he sold himself out and gave out on the cause of liberty He has been the engine that has driven this forward Calvin comes at a critical moment 1545 Council of Trent begins The catholic church lasts until 1563 will respond to protestantism Calvin steps in and he is an energizing force to the protestant movement New intellectual credibility to the movement Temple argues without calvin the reformation would have died Institutes written by calvin 15361557a few copies This is to weld together the protestant movement Calvin is a humanist Not in the way of Erasmus Calvin believes in their methods and believes in the thpower of rhetoric In the 16 century rhetoric meant language used powerfully and correctly The humanists believed if you could use language correctly you can reach people and shape the would around them Calvin believes this He believes if he writes clearly he can have people live life the right way Becomes a Summa latin Calvin has tried to anticipate every question that coul
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