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Henry VIII and the English Reformation

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Philosophy 3020F/G
Jeffrey Temple

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thTemple Feb 8 The English Reformation The essay You can put together a preliminary bibliography and have a chat with the prof He says come stsee me whenevs Due date March 21Length20ish pages 17 or 18 thWed Feb 29 All who want to go Going on a tour of the down town churches How does architecture affect faith Okay back to the English ReformationComplicated No unity on what the the english reformation was Many opinions Key historians Geoffrey Elton England Under the Tudors 1953Traditional constitutional view Reformation is presented as an act of state Devoid of religious content Within this context elton puts the vision that it was Thomas Cromwell who was the architect of the english reformation And cromwells goal was national in goal It is imposed from above on the english people There are difficulties with this It painted a picture of a very passive english church and people It changes as the government changes Geoffrey Dickens The English Reformation 1964 Of course the reformation was imposed form above it was everywhere German lutheran princes etc He set england in the context of Europe The reality is that the english people must have been involved thThere mus
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