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History: Henry VIII of England's Heirs

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Philosophy 3020F/G
Jeffrey Temple

thTemple Feb 15 Henry VIII Heirs Edward VI Rules from 15471553Much debated era of church history Some historians believe it is the lynch pin to english history Temple says despite the short period of time much change is attempted The response during this time is also important Edwards birth came not a moment too late In 1536 Henry falls from his horse and his health declines He is morbidly obese It is also believed he is impotent Born in 1537 9 years old when he comes to power The control of the government came into control by regents His uncle the Duke of Somerset He had near kingly power He had to behold to a royal council Control of the english government falls into the hands of the evangelicals A number of the key catholic supporters were marginalized at the time There was also the work of Thomas Cromwell Cromwell had staffed the english royal household with evangelicals and the english government Henry choses members from the cambridge circle to tutor Edward They were lutheran What happens under Edward Seymours rule Duke of Somerset We want to note that even though Edward VI was young he was evangelical inclined He is involved in the things that somerset did These things were done with his blessing So what happensThey begin a process of church visitation There is considerable tension among the people in regards to reform Some people want more some people want less
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