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Anabaptists, Religious History

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Western University
Philosophy 3020F/G
Jeffrey Temple

Temple Nov 23 Anabaptists and the Radical Reformation Since 1972 historians have come to understand there are factions within anabaptists They were not once cohesive group Diverse group Thought that they were critically focused on rebuilding the church as the model in the new testament This is not always the case They were more like the main line reformers the was originally suggested Group of people who want to bring about whole sale change to the ecclesiastical landscape They want to do it at a pace that is different than the other reformers luther Zwingli Anabaptist rebaptize They are by in large against infant baptism They go back and read the new testament and it does not say that infant baptism is required They have a literal interpretation of the bible Believe and be baptized only adults can believe and since there is no express request for infant baptism they argue you are baptized as an adult They believe they are completing Luther and Zwingli s work Two main lines of development two citieswittenberg and Zurich WittenbergThe first line of reform is not technically anabaptistThey did not demand rebapt
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