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Council of Trent.odt

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Western University
Philosophy 3020F/G
Jeffrey Temple

The Council of Trent Opened 13 Dec 1545 to many at the time this was something that they imagined would occur 1415 Council of constance last papal councilfor the next 100 years the papacy was working to restore their power The papacy does not want to call another council There is enormous pressure from the catholic monarchs in europe to call a council Charles V HRE is facing some problems France on one hand and the Turks on the other and he cannot alienate the german princes because he needs their armiesThere is also pressure from the french and spanish kings Location of TrentCharles wants the council called in the confines of the german empires Pope Paul III wants it to be in Italy where he can be in control Trent is a comprise location It is within the territory controlled by the Habsburgs but still in italy Why does Paul III consent to this councilWho shows up It is a small group that show up to the first stage there are three stages of the Council meets over 18 years Three papal legates What is a legatePeople who are ambassadors given temporary authority The pope does not actually attend One Cardinal 4 archbishops 21 bishops and 5 generals of various monastic orders 34 delegates show up Two were from spain one from england one from france and one was german 5 were int
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