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Luther Revolutionary or Reformer?

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Philosophy 3020F/G
Jeffrey Temple

Temple Nov 2 Luther Reformer or RevolutionaryThe Larger Debate one of the fundamental questions is what was it that drove LutherErik Erikson deep inner termoilflaw identity crisis Some psychological problemobermanLuther sees himself as part of a larger cosmic struggle between god and the devil Luther is afraid of the coming judgementMarrious Fear of unbelief Dying in unbeliefThe larger debate is is luther internally broken or externally motivated This is important for the people who followed him What caused the break Break within Luther or Rome Who is responsible for the ramifications of the reformation this is the larger debateThose who blame the break on something internal in Luther Would argue that he was a rebel from the start He was just waiting for a cause He would not submit to the authority of the church because he could not get what he wanted within the system They also would argue that the Church would try to help and keep him within the bounds of orthodoxy Therefore Luthers faultOutside motivation Corrupt church Luthers goal was not to destroy the church but to rebuild it He breaks because the Church will not work with him The Church breaks with Luther It refuses to listen to him and forces him out Therefore the Romes fault Temples position Rome threw Luther out take bias into account Begins as a reformer and becomes a revolutionary when no other options remain On what grounds for beginning as a reformer 95 Theses Oct 31 151795 arguements to challange the sale of indulgences He argues that why the sale is wrong Luther was challenging the church on something that had been debated for a long time Luther had not come up with his rejection of church doctrine with sola fide etc Luther was not striking out against core doctrine because there was no real doctrine on how indulgences worked In his writing he makes it out to the pope and says you are unaware with the way the indulgences are being abused If you knew you would stop it How could he write this to the personin charge of the sale is he naive Or is he being clever like erasmus It is most likely that he is naive Luther is always writing in the heat of the moment and he doesnt really understand politics Temple argues that the 95 theses are not radical Luther is trying to work within the system Augsburg 1518 Luther is confronted by Cardinal Cajetan Luther wants to debate and present his biblical researchCajetans was an institutional reformer he does not want reform at a doctrinal level Cajetan was a dominican they hate the augustians Cajetan has not interest in debating He just wants Luther to recant and be quiet It is clear the church does not want to listen to what luther has to say Leipzig Debate 1519 Debate between Luther and Johann Eck number 2 humanist Eck was the better debater Luther was more bombastic Eck is aware that Luther has a bad temper and
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