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Philosophy 3601F/G
Michael Fox

Finish CS Lewis and read Platos Lysis pg 1-27 LOVER AND BELOVED • if you want to be in love you have to want to be become one with the other, according to human nature. they have respective natures, you also have to be aware of this, and they have an individuality as well as a will • often this transposes to what does it mean to be authentic or real to another person in order to be relatable to your beloved • Human Nature - Gender - Individuality - Will in that order (moving from the gender to the particular) • Gift Love (unconditional love by a mother) - need love (dependent child on mother) Nearness by likeness - nearness of approach: you are created in Gods image so you • are close to him because you are like him, nearness by approach the idea that you can do things in order to make you closer to someone. • you have to have some commonality and nature base in order to grow close to one another STORG
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