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Philosophy 3601F/G
Michael Fox

HUMAN SEXUALITY • Tension between the libidininistic (human sexuality that only involves physical pleasure) sex and rigoristic sex (solely involves procreation) • Shaker societies believe only in rigorism - believe it is sinful to have things that are pleasurable but not practical • both of these mentalities are utilitarian and are anti love but for different reasons. - they are anti love because they don't want to be one with one another but rather use each other as a mean to an end. Both are violent because you are using them only as a means to an end LEWIS • Storge: necessarily neutral because it has nothing to do with appreciation • is not a context of love as it relates to JP2 • appreciation is seen as the qualities that are inherent within the person PHILIA (FRIENDSHIP) • neutral as well, has nothing to do with appreciation • two people looking ahead and coming together and saying 'wow you too' • if it is related to the good that would not be its intention EROS • distinguishes Venus and Eros, the two are not mutually exclusive - they are not equated you can have one without the other and visa
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