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Singers One World

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Philosophy 3810F/G
Steve D' Arcy

Singers One WorldChapter One January 30 2012 INTRODUCTIONTheres been a social transformation in human society in recent decadesThere is in an important sense one world in that thinking about matters of public policy and social justice and obligation in terms of the nation state and citizenship now becomes one of the whole worldPolitical issues of our time is not framed in terms of relationships but in terms of global societyThis changes our obligations to other people and to governments Shape practices in terms of the importance of human welfare to more than just the nation stateTerrorist attacks cross border phenomena affects people all over the world because they are potentially subject to other natural disasters and impact of severe weatherPeoples conduct affect people in faraway places much more starkly and directly than wouldve been the case in the past Not limited to terrorism and climate change series of transformations that have created the phenomena of one worldGenocide isnt new but the paradigm that it is not a
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