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Western University
Philosophy 3810F/G
Steve D' Arcy

ONE COMMUNITY FEBRUARY 27 2012 INTRODUCTIONThe nature of globalization is the idea of a one world whereas national boundaries have become less significant because the actions in one part of the world have a greater impact on people on the other side of the world as it never has beforeIts challenging because humans have a habit of attaching greater moral weight to actions that are enacted upon people whom are closer to them than to others whom we think are strangers Utilitarians are welfarist impartialismthe good is seen in terms of welfare and the impartial is that there is no preference to who that welfare is given to Singer makes clear that when you have people whose welfare levels that are really low and some really high impartiality requires that we give special weight to lifting those from the bottomThe commitment to impartiality and welfare maximization sees that there is a big problem with this and that there are some people whose welfare is waaay too lowtheyre vulnerability is what makes these circumstances so specialThe problem is that people and government with the most money and power are the ones that are more
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