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Western University
Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

NEXT CLASS IS OPTIONAL GOSPEL OF LIFE •major tension between social issues and the disarray of the intellectual community •if we cannot come to a solid moral basis of judgement then how can we ever address various social concerns that we know are prevalent •if we develop philosophies based on skepticism and we don't have a transcultural moral of judgment how can we make sure things are true •call to seek objective moral standards for the sake of proposing the gospel of life •we live in a very pluralistic society, how do we do to accommodate or work together on any level if we are beset by incredible diversity of opinion on moral issues •the rule of the majority for the sake of the majority - government of the one, few and many Aristotle can be the rule of the one, few and many can be for the many • then it is good, if it is for the one, than it is bad •work towards individual perfection - have a regime for the sake of the rule of the many for the sake of the many and the many is the common consensus of the moment - there is no transcultural tension of which to work towards within politics there is a real tension in the quest for autonomy, on moral • issues the abortion debate isn't about is it a life or not, its about freedom for a person to do what they
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