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Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

Love as the opposite of using •if you treat the other as a means to an end its a method of using and of violence, which is bad. - to use is first to use means to employ some object of action, as a means to an end •second meaning is to experience pleasure - if i relate myself to an object not because of what the object is in itself but as what it can give me in terms of pleasure •Utilitarianism: using people simply as a means to an end - wrong because we should be acknowledging them for their existential merit, that we find something appealing in a person that is intrinsic •Kant - categorical imperative - never treat individuals simply as a means to an end, because individuals have a nature that isn't simply connected to what can stem from us •habits - the more we do something, the more it becomes second nature •sexual urges are natural to us but in order to be authentic they have to be enveloped by something that is bigger than us •mutual fulfillment is not utilitarian when it involves individuals appreciating each other in their totality •safeguard against utilitarianism is that the individuals care for one a
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