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Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

First Half of Fides et Ratio For next class - complete the text and read the intro and first chapt of splendor of truth RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FAITH AND REASON • divide is that some believe that there's objective truth and others believe its all subjective • JP2 believes the source of all truth is God and everything is all objective - the source of all that is true and beautiful, and being this means we are made for God • and God invites us to participate in his reality to have communion and relationship with him as our beloved • 1 Way he does this: is by natural revelation: truths is reason • 2 way is by supernatural revelation: the truths of faith • both of these are objective realities • our inborn natural desire to become one with our creator • puts this into the context of salvation - plan of salvation • God moves to man in order to bring them to salvation, he makes himself known in two ways - the natural and supernatural revelation • he wants to know who he is where he came from and where he's going • we desire to have communion with the divine the end of human life is God, and all human starting point is the same, its just the • middle where the journey takes place that differs and individualizes each journey and story • existential angst - our want for the connection with the divine and we yearn for in the physical life • there are two kinds of revelation but theres never an assent from one at the opposition of the other, the two go hand in hand - they serve each other and because of this there isn't really a leap per se • love is a function of knowledge, in order to become one with them you must know as much as you possibly can about them • after a certain amount of intimacy you start to learn secrets, you begin to
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