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Western University
Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

Read: chpt 1from love and responsibility MIDTERM - completely on fides and reason - triangle - faith and reason both serve the same goal in the end, communion with God, and they serve the same goal with each other - 6 essay questions and you choose 3 ESSAY - what thesis is he trying to get you to say yes to in a particular text - have to get Dr. Fox's approval THE SPLENDOR OF TRUTH • the text is about moral action - simply those actions that come from us in accordance with who we are in our rationality, according to our choices and deliberation • so if ever we do something that isn't a product of rationality then its not a moral action • sometimes through fear or ignorance, our reason is overcome or supplanted - these are still choices • wants to know what the standards of good moral action are practical reason - universal standard of judgement as applied to a here and now • situation • universal standard of judgement that we need to make concrete and incarnate in the here and now - there are certain faults in universal standards which lead to be flagged and refuted because if we follow false standards we will not be able to grow into our salvation - we want to be morally good so that we can be saved • knowledge as a way to become saved, necessary but not sufficient - it has to be active and cerebral • morality is a function of reason and reason is practical reason is an application of a certain standard relative to the here and now and standards can either be true or false • who you are as a mo
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