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Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

SPLENDOR OF TRUTH •authentic appreciation of the relationship between two people in human dignity we are all concerned with being treated according to the dignity of the • human person •a major stumbling block in us acting in keeping with our dignity is the fact that we fall prey to our passions •or that we fall prey to society at large in terms of social pressure, ordered to the aggrandizement of the unconcuspible appetite morality is a function of our rational nature and our passions should never • overcome that nature •Object-intention- circumstance •human action - moral action/moral agent references himself into the moral object which identifies as the intention - the moral object is in relation to a circumstance intentionality is in complete reference to God, if it is, its good, if its not, its bad • spiritualization of the human person, our spirit is immoral but our body we must respect as well, we have to have dignity in both parts i
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