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Western University
Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

MIDTERM: will be based on Splendour of Truth and Love and Responsibility chpt 1 TENSION how you can reconcile rigorism and libidinism • •lover and the beloved who are giving themselves to one another and in so doing they are growing in their mission toward God who is the common good •in order to escape utilitarianism the lover and beloved have to be disinterested in procreation and pleasure in an attempt to grow closer together in an attempt to be more than who they are and be closer with God •with man and women giving themselves to each other in terms of their four individualistic things they'll be treating themselves as ends in themselves which is result in procreation and pleasure •God wills human beings for their own sake and we can only discover who we are in reference to giving ourselves to others •man and women give themselves to each other more perfectly than man to man or woman to woman - theres a sense of reciprocity and completely •we should judge
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