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6. Theodicies

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Western University
Philosophy 1020
John Thorp

LECTURE SIX: THEODICIES 0. The argument from evil: 1. God is df. A benevolent and omnipotent creator. 2. If a benevolent and omnipotent creator exists then he/she/it would not allow the presence of evil in the world. 3. Evil is present in the world. 4. Therefore, a benevolent and omnipotent creator does not exist. 5. Therefore, God does not exist. 1. Divine Retribution: in addition to being good, God is also just. The pain and suffering in the world is God's punishment for evildoing. - When pain and suffering happen its understood to be punishment for the evil you have done - Ex. When gay men practice gay sex. This is supposedly a punishment from God Objections to this theodicy: a) Seems like a sledgehammer to kill a fly o God wouldn’t cause these natural disasters to punishment a few people for their sins b) Justice is uneven 2. The Free Will Defense: the evil in the world arises from the exercise of human free will; having creatures with free will is such a great good that it compensates for the pain and suffering that exists. - This theodicy moderates the claim that God is omnipotent. It says that Gods omnipotence is limited by his/her/its decision to give humans being free will - But, even with the evil that free will introduces, still, a world in which humans are free is much better than one in which they are just machines… - We live in the best of all possible worlds Objections to this theodicy: a) Will this explain natural evil? o Moral evil vs. natural evil o it seems reasonable to say that moral evil arises from the exercise of human free will; it does not seem reasonable to
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