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Concluding Lecture on Philosophy of Religion

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Philosophy 1020
John Thorp

Concluding Lecture on Philosophy of Religion October-04-12 1. Where we are  Arguments for Theism o Ontological o Cosmological = Four Ways, Design Argument,( First mover, first cause, contingency), Aquinas, Paley, Fine Tuning o Miracles o Pascal's Wager-not really an argument for the existence of God, it is just rational to believe it 2. Two other pro-arguments a. The moral argument-the only way good and bad in morality can be objective is if they are given by the will of God. b. The argument from religious experience- some people have intense religious experiences (mystical experiences), which are, it seems taken to be self-validating 3. Arguments against theism o Evil= Moral Evil, Natural Evil o Divine Hiddenness o Cognitive Science of Religion 4. Divine Hiddenness  This is a really new player in the old field  The person who has championed the argument is Canadian  John Schellenberg, Halifax o Wrote: Divine Hiddenness and Human Reason  The Argument: o The Abrahamic God is thought of as omnipotent and loving, and desiring to have a loving relationship with every individual human being. o Such a God wouldn’t make it difficult for humans to figure out if she/he even exists! o But it is incredibly hard to figure that out o Therefore, no such God exists  The argument has clear affinities with the argument from evil 5. Cognitive Science of Religion  Why is theism such a widespread phenomenon in homo sapiens? o It seems that many people feel an invisible presence;
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