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Lecture 15

Lecture 15 Feminist Epistemology

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Western University
Philosophy 1020
John Thorp

Feminist Epistemology October-25-12 Introductory Remarks Questions To Ask How does science differ from religion and philosophy? Is science always objective? Aims? Sources of knowledge? Methodology? Aims?  To describe, predict and explain the occurrence of: o Observable phenomena or matters of fact Sources of knowledge?  Scriptural authority  Tradition  Universal human reason  Experience Religion relies on all four of these domains Philosophy relies on reason and experience. Science relies on reason and experience Religion and science both rely on reason and experience so how do they differ? How do they differ in methodology? The Scientific Method 1. Inductive: inferring general laws from particular instances 2. Empirical: relying on observation to draw conclusions about the world, as opposed to assumptions 3. Systematic: designing carefully controlled studies or experiences, controlling for as many variables as possible 4. Replication: methodology is transparent allowing other science to repeat the experience 5. Falsifiable: hypotheses that can be systematically rested and replicated with empirical methods and potentially refuted 6. Objective: not influenced by personal feelings, opinions, beliefs, or expectations in considering and representing facts Science and Objecti
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