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Western University
Philosophy 1020
John Thorp

Philosophy Lecture 1 What is religion? The three ‘Abrahamic’ religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism Comprise 53% of the world population The non-religious (15%) plus the atheists (5%) make up about 20%, which is to say that 80%of the world is religious. Many of the world’s major conflicts are defined by religious difference. - War on ‘terror’ / Jihad - Palestine - Sudan - India/ Pakistan ……But what is religion? How do you define it? 1. The idea of definition Traditionally we understand defining something as giving its necessary and sufficient conditions EX: the definition of bachelor is an ‘un married male’ That is: anything that is a bachelor is an unmarried male Anything that is an unmarried male is a bachelor ‘unmarried’ is a necessary condition of bachelor ‘male’ is a necessary condition of bachelor ‘unmarried’ and ‘male’ are, taken together, a sufficient condition of bachelor Essence=definition= necessary 17 sufficient conditions What is the essence of religion? - Belief, faith, in the un-provable - Supernatural - God or Gods - Individual and private affair - Essential to life: answer to nihility(non-existence / nothingness) - Eschatology : afterlife - Ritual - Priests or shamans - Moral law None of these features is present in EVERY religion There is no necessary condition of religion If there are no necessary conditions there are no necessary and sufficient conditions If there are no conditions there is no definition, no essence Theory of family resemblances 'I can think of no better expression to characterize these similarities than "family resemblanc
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