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Philosophy 1020
Mark Cole

1. PERCEPTION LECTURE 1 1. Attention – selecting and filtering sensations - Inattentional Blindness: Not noticing certain sensations because you attention is directed otherwise. - Environmental and Personal Factors: Intensity, the more intense the stimulus, the more likely you are to attend to it. Movement, we attend to moving objects more likely than steady objects. Repetitiveness, the more we hear/see things, the more we respond to them. Motives for example, affect attention. Also, interests will alter our attention. NEGATIVE THINGS AFFECT US MORE THAN POSITIVE THINGS. 2. Form Perception (what is it?) I. Gestalt Principles of Perceptual Organization (German Study) A. Gestalt laws of organization 1. Similarity: We tend to group things together that are similar. 2. Proximity: if things are close together, we tend to group them together 3. Closure: We tend to fill in the gaps in line drawings etc. to close them and make them “make sense” 4. Continuity: We tend to follow the continuous line. B. Figure-ground relations i.e. The two-face/vase illusion. You can only see one at a time, depending on which background you choose to focus on. II. Perceptual Constancies 1. Shape: We view things with a constant shape, even if the shape may be changing as a retinal image (i.e. an opening door) 2. Brightness: Even though illuminat
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